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Social Value

Caring about our communities

At Nationwide Windows & Doors, Social Value is not just about ticking boxes – it’s a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy. Since our establishment in 1986, we have strived to be a leading example of ethical business practices and social awareness. Our commitment to Social Value goes hand in hand with our dedication to providing high-quality windows and doors to our customers.

Whether it’s sponsoring aspiring athletes, supporting vital local charities or empowering local sports clubs, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in our communities. 

Read about some of the great causes we are involved with

Social value and community care

When we establish an installation hub in an area for a specific contract or project, it is with long-term usage in mind. We are committed to investing time in sourcing further projects in the area in order for that hub to continue functioning for the foreseeable future, preserving local employment.


We have an exemplary track record of involvement in activities that promote social value, which strengthen and empower communities and improve quality of life.

Volunteering for community projects

We encourage our staff to volunteer for community projects. We work with clients to recommend locally-run projects for staff to volunteer, for example community clean-up activities.

Work experience & apprenticeships

Our Resident Liaison Officer reaches out to local schools and colleges to arrange any relevant work experience, training, or apprenticeship opportunities. We will also signpost any potential employment opportunities should the occasion arise.

Employment opportunities

When advertising new employment opportunities, we liaise with the local employment support and training team (EST) where applicable, to prioritise local recruitment. We guarantee an interview for all suitable candidates.

For example, we have supported local enterprises such as Broxtowe Education Skills and Training (BEST) in Nottingham, providing business guidance and health and safety consultancy. We have similar initiatives in any area we work, as we always seek to recruit local staff.

As part of our partnership with Watford Community Housing Trust we gave a financial donation to their team running a 5k fun run in aid of the Harefield Heart and Lung Appeal at Harefield Hospital. Some of our other sponsorships include:

We have also made financial donations over the years to support local initiatives. Many of these have been to develop community centres to support their work. These have included:

Empowering the local community

Another example of our commitment to supporting the local community is through our sponsorship of Rugby Borough Football Club, a sponsorship that includes the mens, womens and youth teams.


We think that not only is it important to invest in the development of young talent, but also to promote a healthy sporting culture. Through this partnership, we are contributing to the growth and success of the club, while also fostering a sense of pride among the supporters and residents.


Supporting the club’s initiatives and activities means we play a pivotal role in building a strong community spirit, emphasising the significance of teamwork, discipline and dedication – values that resonate strong with the ethos at Nationwide Windows & Doors.

The personal touch

Sometimes it’s the small gestures that really count. In August 2022, we received an email from Gayle Painter…

“My autistic son had one of your trolley tokens which he used for swimming lockers. He has now lost it, he thinks it must have left it in the locker door. He’s really upset as he’d had it for years. 

“Please please please would you have any spare ones you could send me? I would be so grateful. He loved the purple emblem and letters on yours.”

Unfortunately, these key rings had since been discontinued and no stock was left – but luckily Adrian Pavey, Commercial Director at Nationwide, was able to help and replied to a grateful mum…

“I did, however, search my home last night and managed to locate a few, of which I will send five by first class post today to make sure that you have a stock in case this happens again. I really hope that this will cheer your son up, and he can enjoy his swimming again!”

At Nationwide, we believe that it’s vital to combine business success with meaningful initiatives that address social challenges. We’re dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike to help foster a better world for all of us, contributing to a brighter and more compassionate future.