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How we reduce the environmental impact of our operations

At Nationwide, we are committed to improving our everyday operations to benefit and protect the environment. We believe sustainability to be the wise use of all resources within a framework in which environmental, social, and economic factors are integrated.

Our environmental management system has been UKAS certified to ISO 14001. This covers our factories, our head office, and our installation hubs. Our compliance team uses this system to quantify carbon emissions through a carbon footprint project, which is reported to our board monthly.

We are PAS 2030 certified, which allows for social housing providers to access decarbonisation grant funding opportunities.

Carbon reduction, waste disposal, and recycling​

There are various ways in which we aim to reduce carbon through our products. Nationwide’s primary PVCu supplier is specialist recycling firm Eurocell Building Products. Together we have developed the ‘closed loop’ recycling process.

We recycle 100 percent of old PVCu windows and doors that are removed from properties. This includes PVCu material off-cuts that cannot be reused in manufacturing. Nationwide’s windows and doors are manufactured using 45-60 percent recycled materials and can be recycled up to 10 times. A piece of Nationwide’s PVCu can be reused for 350 years.

Eurocell’s post-consumer PVCu recycling plants recycled 1.2 million frames in 2018. Through our partnership with Eurocell, more than 110,000 window frames have been diverted from landfill. Eurocell are members of Recovinyl and BPF Clean Sweep which ensures they are independently audited, and quality assured.

Recycled materials will be used in non-critical areas and will not compromise performance. To avoid the risk of ‘pinking’ due to UV exposure, 100 percent recycled materials are used in thermal reinforcement inserts and cavity closer products.

More About Us

Thermal Efficiency

Our products offer high levels of thermal efficiency, minimising heat transfer and reducing energy loss

Local Communities

We work out of local installation hubs where possible to reduce our carbon footprint

Investing in the Future

We've invested £175,000 on the installation of LED lighting throughout our Rugby facility

We adhere to the waste hierarchy:

  • Prevention – products are made to measure, and surveyors are rewarded on their accuracy.
  • Re-use – larger bar length offcuts and pieces of glass are reused. Any mismeasured windows and doors are reused if practical. If not, the product will be stripped down and individual parts reused.
  • Recycling – as detailed above.
  • Recovery – where the above measures cannot be undertaken, the material will be processed and utilised in waste to energy plants, reducing the amount of fossil fuels within other sectors’ processes
  • Disposal – diversion of more than 97 percent of waste from landfill.