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Tilt & Turn Windows

Nationwide windows tilt and turn window

The simple, innovative design of our PVCu tilt & turn windows combines strong aesthetic appeal and functional form with ease of installation, meaning they will enhance and fast-track any project across a broad range of developments.

Nationwide’s tilt & turn PVCu windows are the ideal choice for residential developments where the unique inward-opening sash enables easy, safe cleaning from inside, making them perfect for multi-storey buildings, as well as providing high levels of ventilation. Like all Nationwide windows, the tilt & turn is designed for fast, easy and consistently high-quality installations, helping to keep building projects on track.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency

With U-values as low as 0.98 W/m²K, carbon emissions and compliance with Code of Sustainable Homes and BREEAM standard

Versatile Choice

Ideal solution where larger glass areas have been specified, available in sizes up to 1500mm x 1500mm

The Perfect Finish

We offer tilt & turn windows in a range of coloured and woodgrain finishes, for the exact look you require

Save Time & Money

Our tilt & turn windows are designed for efficient installation, helping you keep your projects on track and in budget

Safe and Secure

Comes with Maco or Mila multi-point locking as standard, for ultimate peace-of-mind

Fully Accredited

PAS24, BS7412 and Secured by Design approved for full compliance

Tilt & Turn Windows

Choose your colour

Whatever the aesthetic you require for your project, we offer the colour options and finishes to suit your preferences, whether it’s simple and understated, a natural wooden look, or if you want to make a bold statement. Download our colour guide, to explore our full range.

Window Profile Colours

Choose your colour


Standard Lead Times

White Ash
Agate Grey
Golden Oak
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey (Smooth)
Slate Grey

Extended Lead Times

Cream White
Chartwell Green
Moondust Grey


Standard Lead Times


Anthracite Grey
Black Ash
Irish Oak

Engineered For Security and Efficiency

Tilt & turn windows present a superior alternative to standard casement windows, offering the added benefit of accommodating larger heights and widths, thus allowing for generous glazing. 

This makes them a perfect fit for spaces that emphasise the importance of ample natural light, creating a bright and inviting ambiance for the occupant. 

Ensuring safety and comfort is a top priority – the innovative design not only facilitates secure ventilation through the inward tilting mechanism, but also acts as a deterrent against unauthorised access from the outside, providing an added layer of security to the property. Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect in both new build and social housing projects. Tilt-and-Turn windows are engineered to meet high standards in this regard, contributing to the overall insulation of the building. 

By effectively minimising drafts and heat loss, these windows promote a comfortable and eco-friendly living environment, ultimately leading to reduced energy consumption and utility costs.

Why choose Nationwide?

Our History

Over 30 years of experience in our chosen markets - new build and social housing

Scale You Can Rely On

We manufacture and install one product, every minute of every working day

Investment In People

We are the only fabricator to have an in-house GQA approved centre for training and qualifications

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality control maintains our reputation for delivering high quality products and installations

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