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Vertical Slider Windows

Vertical sliding windows by nationwide
Vertical sliding windows by nationwide
Vertical sliding windows by nationwide

If you are looking to maintain the period features of sliding windows while eliminating the draughts, rattling sashes and poor security often associated with them, then Nationwide’s PVCu vertical sliding sash windows are the ideal solution, lending a new lease of life to Georgian-style dwellings and renovation projects.

Combining cottage-style looks with thermal performance that exceeds all current legislative requirements and building standards, plus approved security performance and a sophisticated mechanism for easy cleaning and ventilation.

Vertical Slider Windows

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency

With U-values as low as 1.4 W/m²K, carbon emissions and compliance with Code of Sustainable Homes and BREEAM standard

Fire Escape

Vertical sliding sash windows can provide a means of escape from fire under Part B of the Building Regulations

Versatile Choice

Available in dimensions up to 1100mm x 1900mm, to suit a variety of building designs and styles

Save Time & Money

Our vertical slider windows are designed for efficient installation, helping you keep your projects on track and in budget

Safe and Secure

Anti-jemmy bar to prevent break-ins plus reinforced hardware for optimum security and additional peace of mind

Fully Accredited

PAS24, BS7412 and Secured by Design approved for full compliance

Vertical Slider Windows

Choose your colour

Whatever the aesthetic you require for your project, we offer the colour options and finishes to suit your preferences, whether it’s simple and understated, a natural wooden look, or if you want to make a bold statement. 

white pvcu bi-fold door
White Ash

The best of both worlds

Seamlessly blending PVCu technology with traditional charm, our vertical slider windows are engineered with the utmost precision to ensure hassle-free installation, catering to the time-sensitive nature of new builds and social housing projects.

For the new build market, they offer heat retention properties, weather resistance, security, and long-lasting durability. These features not only enhance the overall energy efficiency of the buildings, but also contribute to the comfort and well-being of the occupant.

In the social housing sector, our vertical sliders address the need for cost-effective yet high-performance solutions. These windows provide a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and affordability, making them an ideal choice for housing projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Why choose Nationwide?

Our History

Over 30 years of experience in our chosen markets - new build and social housing

Scale You Can Rely On

We manufacture and install one product, every minute of every working day

Investment In People

We are the only fabricator to have an in-house GQA approved centre for training and qualifications

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality control maintains our reputation for delivering high quality products and installations

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