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Housing Associations

Partnering with Housing Association

Nationwide Windows & Doors is highly respected as a specialist in the successful delivery of large partnering and framework agreements, all with the ultimate aim to work with Housing Associations to raise the standards of housing.

nationwide Your social housing partner

We provide a complete window and door manufacturing and installation service, which has seen us work across the country to help housing providers meet the Decent Homes and Welsh Housing Quality Standards.

Now public housing stock has been brought up to meet the quality standards, we are still working with housing associations on their door and window replacement programmes. It is estimated that there are still a quarter of a million homes that do not meet the standard with a funding backlog of £1.6 billion.

And even where the programmes have been completed, part of the Decent Homes proposal is that landlords keep their properties up to standard by undertaking proactive maintenance and replacement.

We acknowledge the pressures faced by social housing landlords. They’re facing a double whammy of pending rent cuts yet are still expected to invest more into their housing stock. This is where innovation and collaborative working pays dividends. The strength of a relationship is built with a good team and a group who are happy, work well together and deliver a great service – something our team does day in day out.

We recognise the benefits of strategic, long term partnerships and fully endorse the business philosophy and solid relationships that this approach engenders.

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