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Cyber Essentials Certification for Nationwide Windows & Doors

Cyber Essentials Certification for Nationwide Windows & Doors

A November 2021 survey revealed that more than 80 percent of UK businesses had experienced a form of cyber attack in the 12 months previous. Nationwide Windows & Doors (NWD) has addressed this issue by becoming Cyber Essentials Certified.

Designed to help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats, the Cyber Essentials Certificate is a government-backed scheme that provides assurance of basic technical security controls and offers guidance on how to secure IT systems against the most common cyber threats.

“As a leading fenestration partner for new build and refurbishment projects in public sector housing, it was important for us to tackle the growing cyber security threat in order to protect our customers, stakeholders, and tenants,“ says John Whalley, NWD Managing Director.

“Cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. By achieving our Cyber Essentials Certificate, it shows that we have all the necessary safeguards in place and that we’re committed to following the best IT practices.

 “In order to successfully pass the requirements for this accreditation, we had to undergo a rigorous audit, which we are delighted to pass on our first attempt. One of the other advantages of the Cyber Essentials Certificate is that it has to be re-audited every year, ensuring that we have ongoing peace of mind that we remain protected.”

Nationwide’s Compliance Director Chris Costall (left) and Information Technology Manager Sean Westmore with the Cyber Essentials certificate.