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Kubu Smart Security

All Nationwide products are manufactured to work with Kubu Smart Technology, but what is Kubu? 

Kubu is the latest innovation in Smart window and door technology providing residents with unparalleled connectivity. The only fully certified system of its type this innovative system affords residents the next level in home security and much more.

With Kubu, residents need never worry if they have left their windows or doors unlocked again. Kubu uses smart, yet simple sensors to monitor locks in real time, making it possible to check the status of a door or window from any location, at any time of day or night, right from the Kubu app on a mobile device. 

The Kubu Smart Sensor communicates directly with the Kubu Hub which is linked to the home’s Wi-Fi network – this information is then sent via the Kubu mobile app.

Air Quality

Kubu Smart Security is also able to monitor the indoor air quality of a home, by keeping track of ventilation and external air quality markers. If, for example there is a high pollen count, or conditions conducive to mould growth are detected, the system can alert the homeowner. This early warning allows for timely intervention to address and mitigate mould issues, ensuring a healthier living environment.

Smart Heating

Kubu Smart Security can be seamlessly integrated with smart heating devices like Nest to enhance energy efficiency. When Kubu detects an open window, it communicates with the connected smart heating system, instructing it to temporarily turn off the heating in that specific area.

This prevents energy waste by ensuring that heating is not running while windows are open, optimising energy use and contributing to cost savings.

Attack Mode

Kubu Smart Security features an advanced attack mode designed to respond proactively when a sensor detects tampering or an active threat.


The sensors intelligently monitor for any signs of sustained vibration, which could suggest malicious activity. Upon detecting such events, Kubu immediately triggers an alert which notifies the user via the Kubu app, and can be integrated into the wider smart home ecosystem to create a traditional intruder alarm style warning – by flashing lights, playing alarm sounds, and even alerting an emergency contact.