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Kubu Smart Security

All Nationwide products are manufactured as Kubu ready – but what is Kubu? 

With Kubu, your homeowners and tenants need never worry if they have left their windows or doors unlocked again. Kubu uses smart and simple sensors to monitor locks in real time, making it possible to check the status of a door or window from any location, at any time of day or night, right from the Kubu app on a mobile phone. 

The Kubu Smart Sensor communicates directly with the Kubu Hub which is linked to the home’s Wi-Fi network – this information is then sent via the Kubu mobile app.


Kubu For New Build

House builders utilising Kubu-equipped windows and doors as a standard offer a number of advantages. Firstly, they elevate their homes’ security profile, providing a selling point that assures potential homeowners of smart security. Having Kubu doesn’t mean any additional fitting time, so you can benefit from smart tech whilst maintaining a streamlined installation. Finally, in a world where homeowners seek integrated smart technologies, houses equipped with Kubu’s smart security functionality are able to work with other smart home tech, such as Alexa.


Kubu For Social Housing

For social housing providers, Kubu-equipped windows and doors offer enhanced tenant safety and satisfaction. The intuitive smart app notifications not only minimise vulnerabilities by alerting tenants about unlocked doors and windows, but also provide peace of mind, especially for vulnerable tenants who can share access with trusted family or friends. Beyond ensuring safety, these sensors also present significant cost savings by reducing potential security breaches that would otherwise lead to hefty repair bills, insurance claims, and administrative hassles. 

What Will The Kubu App Do?

Once installed, the Kubu app allows residents to receive real time notifications with every turn of the key. As long as they have a 3G, 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi connection, they will get status updates. Schedule notifications Notifications can be scheduled at any day or time to show whether a door is locked or unlocked. It is possible to check back through the history of a door with a rolling seven day log whenever someone has locked or unlocked the windows or doors. 

Geofence Smart Alert

Kubu provides a Geofence Smart Alert, meaning residents should never get too far away from their homes before being alerted that they have left any doors or windows unlocked.