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Beyond The Beans...

Hello, we’re delighted to have you here! Intrigued to learn what’s behind the beans, or indeed behind the scenes at Nationwide!

Nationwide Windows & Doors was first established in 1986 in order to meet the manufacturing requirements for high quality PVC-U windows and doors for the local Midlands building community. We take pride in being a leading window and doors manufacturer and installer. With years of experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted name in the industry.

More Than Just A Manufacturer...

We are not just a manufacturer or supplier – we consider ourselves a service provider and your window and door partner – and it is this philosophy, combined with over 30 years of experience, that has led us to being one of the UK’s leading fenestration partners to social housing and new build.

Our strong roots in the commercial market means that we have an exceptional blend of service experience, and as vertically integrated manufacturers and installers, we are able to take control of the entire process from order to fitting, meaning that we can offer guarantees, peace of mind and value for money.

Our Window Factory

Creating a window involves a series of meticulous steps to ensure functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The process begins with cutting the PVCu profile, the next step is welding, where the individual components of the frame are joined together seamlessly, ensuring strength and stability.

Hinges and hardware are then added, enabling the window to open and close smoothly while providing secure closure. This stage involves careful placement to guarantee proper alignment and functionality. Finally, the sashes are hung in the frame!

Our Door Factory

First the door is cut to the required dimensions, ensuring a precise fit within the designated frame. 

Using CNC machinery, any necessary glazing cutouts are created. Following this, hinges and hardware are fixed, guaranteeing smooth functionality, followed by addition of any glazing cassettes and additional accessories such as letterboxes and knockers. The final step involves securing the door within its frame!

Our Glass Factory

The glass if first precisely cut from large panels. If toughened glass is needed, the glass proceeds to a toughening furnace where it undergoes a heat treatment process. 

Then the glass moves along an automated assembly line. A spacer bar is positioned to maintain the desired distance between the glass layers and then the units are filled with gas, often argon. The final step involves sealing, creating an airtight seal around the glazed unit.

Nationwide Windows

More About Us

One Product, Every Minute

We currently manufacture and install one product every minute of every working day - an achievement that is only possible due to our commitment to our investments and our team

Ongoing Investment

We have invested heavily in new automation, our extensive state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, product development and, of course, our most important asset, our people

The Perfect Finish

From our 150,000 ft² manufacturing facility on our 7 acre site in Rugby, we deliver product ranges from PVCu windows and doors to composite doors and insulated glass units.